Issue 25-03-2011

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Peacebuilding in Uganda

24 Mar 2011 | by John Lampen

Peace has to be made (by agreement between the parties in conflict), kept (by the legal system, police, monitors, village elders, clergy and others) and built. Peacebuilding is the slowest part, often almost invisible, as group attitudes change, old grudges dissolve, and young people learn the skills of resolving problems....

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Rowntree Visionaries project

24 Mar 2011 | by Symon Hill

On Wednesday 23 March a report on the five-year project ‘Visionaries for a just and peaceful world’ was launched at an event in the Royal Institute of British Architecture in London.

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Carne Ross: a voice for the powerless

24 Mar 2011 | by Rosemary Hartill

Carne Ross. | Photo: Independent Diplomat.

The ‘Visionaries for a just and peaceful world’ project, initiated and funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, has for the past five years allowed a group of ‘visionaries’ to realise their ambitions.   Carne Ross founded an organisation to provide high level diplomatic advice, expertise and assistance to new...

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Thousands will be marching against the cuts

FREE 24 Mar 2011 | by Symon Hill

Quakers will gather in London this Saturday alongside thousands of people from other faith groups in a major national protest against the government cuts. The groups, who will march with other, secular organisations, are in unity on a shared concern: the effect the cuts will have on the quality of...

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Opposition to the census grows

24 Mar 2011 | by Raymond Mgadzah

Opposing the census | Photo: Count Me Out.

Opposition to the granting of the £150 million 2011 census contract to arms company Lockheed Martin is gathering pace as the census date of 27 March looms.

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Are we scared?

FREE 24 Mar 2011 | by Jill Allum

Have we really listened to the challenge of our three prize-winning essayists of 2009? The competition received one hundred and six entries, some of them fifty pages long, and I would like to focus on the essay of one of the second prize-winners, Simon Best. The judges called it ‘the most...

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The ageism that bedevils

24 Mar 2011 | by Mary Brown

Is it just me or do other busy, older, Friends feel ‘got at’ by advices & queries 28? Having heard it read three times in Meetings for Worship in less than a year, I began to wonder why it seems often interpreted as older people ‘ought’ to think about being less...

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Friends together

FREE 24 Mar 2011 | by David Boulton

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham can be an inspirational place at any time, but when all sixty-two rooms are occupied by a big buzz of Quakers it is positively awesome. When the Friends in all those rooms are supplemented by a score more, accommodated overnight in neighbouring Fircroft College,...

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Britishush Noncensus

24 Mar 2011 | by Poetic opinion from William Bullin

Jobs aren’t easy to find Cuts are on everyone’s mind But the government thinks we are blind ’Cause people in Britain don’t count.

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Letters - 25 March 2011

24 Mar 2011 | by friendweb

Supporting both sides? I fully agree with Simon Gray (18 February). He is right to be appalled that the question of boycotting Israeli goods ever reached Meeting for Sufferings. It assumes that Israel is entirely at fault for violence in Israel/Palestine. Consider: if both sides laid down their arms there...

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Eye - 25 March 2011

24 Mar 2011 | by Eye

Plagued by bells… Eye was prompted to delve into dusty tomes recently in an attempt to shed some light on enquiries from our Friend, Richard Lee. While reading some of Samuel Pepys’ diary entries written during the great plague he stumbled upon a reference to Quakers. In the week ending 20...

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Drawing infinity

24 Mar 2011 | by Anita Thistlethwaite

These are the words of one Harrogate Young Quaker reporting back to the main Meeting on their Sunday morning activity. Robin Wilson had been enthusing them with his fascination for infinity and he has now written a short and wonderful book entitled Of Infinite Beauty: a Quaker explores infinity.

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