Issue 01-14-2011

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Water power rising

31 Mar 2011 | by Raymond Mgadzah

An old technology used by ancient Egyptian and other early civilisations is making a comeback in the twenty-first century: hydro-power or water power. The use of water power dates back to Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt where irrigation has been used since the sixth millennium BC. Hydro-power was also used by...

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Heather Parker and Mark Hinton - Building bridges between communities

31 Mar 2011 | by Rosemary Hartill

Mark Hinton is unlocking the door to a community room, kitchen and a couple of offices in the ground floor of a high-rise block. Behind us are two other recently refurbished blocks, grassy spaces and a clearly loved and unvandalised small garden.

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March for the Alternative

31 Mar 2011 | by Symon Hill

Gathering for Meeting for Worship outside Westminster Meeting House. | Photo: Geoffrey Braithwaite

Several hundred Quakers from around Britain joined the ‘March for the Alternative’ on Saturday, campaigning against the government’s cuts. A number of Friends also participated in nonviolent direct action later in the day.

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Letter on Libya

FREE 31 Mar 2011 | by Friend Newsdesk

Representatives of Britain’s Quakers have written to the prime minister to express disagreement with his decision to bomb Libya.

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Hot air rises

FREE 31 Mar 2011 | by Friend Newsdesk

Hot air is helping to produce ground coffee in the Friend editorial offices in London.

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Peace House Coventry

31 Mar 2011 | by Friend Newsdesk

An attender at Coventry Meeting is prepared to go to prison for refusing to complete the census.

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Drawing on Silence

31 Mar 2011 | by Stephen Yeo

Silence is the best known bit of the Quaker brand other than Peace. In this prepared ministry, I will reflect on three things: silence in general, the Quaker silence, and my own experience of the latter.

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In praise of silence

31 Mar 2011 | by Evelyn Woodcock

I love the silence. Silence between two people, Who have no need for endless words, At ease with one another.

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Swimming against the tide

FREE 31 Mar 2011 | by Ben Jarman

An overwhelming body of research has shown that many British prisons are close to breaking point. Politicians eager for votes have postured to be tougher on crime, and rapidly filling prisons have struggled to cope with an imprisonment rate that already exceeds that of most countries in Europe. The rehabilitative...

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Letters - 01 April 2011

31 Mar 2011 | by Friendweb

Supporting both sides Friends’ role in regard to Israel/Palestine should surely be as peacemakers. If we are to be accepted as peacemakers we must not only be even handed, but we must be seen by both sides as such. No one doubts that the Israeli government has, and deploys,...

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Eye - 01 April 2011

31 Mar 2011 | by Eye

Bible marathon According to the Globe theatre, a full reading of the King James I Bible will take about sixty-nine hours in total. Between Palm Sunday and Easter Monday, a group of twenty actors will read all 788,280 words in eight instalments, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the translation. Eye...

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