Issue 29-04-2011

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What do we mean by equality?

28 Apr 2011 | by Harry Albright

In 1976 the general staff at the United Nations office in Geneva went on strike: these were the cleaners, the porters, the cafeteria workers, people who served the executives who worked in the Secretariat and the diplomats when they attended meetings. My father was a very senior member of the UN...

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Geoff Tansey - working for fair play in food

28 Apr 2011 | by Rosemary Hartill

Geoff | Photo: Photo courtesy Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

In 2009 more people went hungry than ever before – over one billion. At the same time, at least another 300 million were obese – with all the likely risks of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

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United Nations Commission considers criminal justice reform

28 Apr 2011 | by Oliver Robertson

Quaker representatives to the UN Crime Commission: Kimmett Edgar, Nicholas McGeorge, Oliver Robertson and Marian Liebmann. | Photo: Photo courtesy Marian Liebmann.

Friends have addressed the United Nations on issues of criminal justice reform.  At the twentieth UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, held in Vienna earlier this month, Quaker representatives spoke to the assembled governments and professionals about the principles that should underlie the treatment of prisoners. Friends...

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Poverty Truth Commission

28 Apr 2011 | by Symon Hill

Poverty will be overcome only if people at the ‘sharp end’ are at the centre of policy-making. That’s the view of the Poverty Truth Commission, who insist that ‘charity reports and government strategies’ will not work unless people who experience poverty first hand are at the heart of the...

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Salisbury Quakers celebrate

28 Apr 2011 | by Friendweb

The Meeting House | Photo: Photo courtesy Salisbury Quakers.

Salisbury Quakers are celebrating the first anniversary of their new Meeting house in style. The building has just received a Salisbury Civic Society Conservation award in recognition of the excellence of the conversion and of the contribution the Meeting House is making to community life in the town.

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Will and Kate invited to support Equal Love Campaign

28 Apr 2011 | by Friendweb

The world’s most famous nearly-married couple received a thought-provoking and unusual gift on Monday, when supporters of same-sex marriage attempted to recruit them to their campaign.

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Lessons from Fukushima

FREE 28 Apr 2011 | by Frank Boulton

Recent columns in the Friend understandably focus on the challenges to our faith and practice posed by Libya and Palestine. Friends in Medact and other peace groups are equally concerned with events in Japan.

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Trustees:  creating time and space

FREE 28 Apr 2011 | by Peter Ullathorne

‘A remarkably rich experience’ was how one trustee described her experience of trusteeship at the first national conference of Area Meeting (AM) trustees, held at Woodbrooke recently. Around seventy Friends from AMs throughout Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM), including members of Quaker Stewardship Committee, spent a thought-provoking time together covering trustee...

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Desert wisdom

FREE 28 Apr 2011 | by Alan Heeks

The desert has been the inspiration for many great spiritual teachings, notably Christian, Islamic and Jewish. Studying key texts from these teachings in their original language can deepen our experience of these faiths, and show us how much they share.

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Gene Sharp:  a quiet revolutionary

28 Apr 2011 | by Jonathan Doering

‘Nonviolent weapons are very important because… if [people] can’t see that they are very powerful, they will go back to violence and war every time.’  So commented the American academic Gene Sharp recently. Following the events in Egypt that swept Hosni Mubarak’s oppressive regime away and prompted...

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All you need

28 Apr 2011 | by Peter Daniels

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Letters - 29 April 2011

28 Apr 2011 | by Friendweb

Time to face reality It was brave of you to devote a whole page to Tom Jackson’s stern enjoinder ‘it is time to face reality’ (15 April). With a little more research on his part I’m sure Tom could have made his ‘reality’ a little more real. He might,...

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Eye - 29 April 2011

28 Apr 2011 | by Eye

A pretty protest Following a rendition of Steve Tilston’s Pretty Penny at a regular music session in Le Bon Croissant café in Crouch End, London, one afternoon, the musicians had not had their fill. They decided to take the truth-telling ditty to serenade the staff at the local Barclays...

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