Issue 30-09-2011

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Come home to within

FREE 29 Sep 2011 | by Beth Allen

Dear Lee   I was touched when you told me last Sunday that, as you sat in your first Quaker Meeting for Worship a few weeks ago, you felt you had come home. Many of the early Quakers used to say to newcomers ‘Come home to within’ – it was William...

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Holding open the door

29 Sep 2011 | by Alistair Fuller

A Friend opens the door during Meeting for Worship | Photo: Trish Carn

The way we connect with the world, telling our stories and striving to live out our testimonies, is deeply and inextricably connected to our own spiritual lives and the life of our Quaker communities. When we feel rooted and nourished in our spiritual lives and have a real sense of...

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Quaker parenting

29 Sep 2011 | by Wendrie Heywood

Quaker young people | Photo: Trish Carn

What are the specific differences in Quaker parenting compared to other parenting? For me, having been raised by Quaker parents and having experienced a wide range of Quaker events, the answer is entwined with being a Quaker: this involves living out testimonies and involving my own children in this. It...

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Experiment with Light: Truth of the heart

FREE 29 Sep 2011 | by Rex Ambler

Light through leaves | Photo: Kaensu/flickr CC

Experiment with Light is a relatively new practice for modern Friends, but it is probably best understood as a recovery, or retrieval, of a very old practice.  The retrieval  It is widely assumed that Friends at the beginning, in the seventeenth century, must have done more or less...

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A peaceful people

29 Sep 2011 | by Symon Hill

Festivalgoers at Greenbelt | Photo: Jonathon Watkins / Greenbelt Festivals

Really nice people who like silence,’ said Kay when asked what she knows about Quakers, ‘Oh, and pacifists.’ We chatted as she bought dinner at the Greenbelt festival. She was one of several people I spoke with, in a quest to discover what young Christians think about Quakers.  Greenbelt,...

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Service to others

29 Sep 2011 | by Harry Albright

… Be patterns, be examples in all countries, places, islands, nations, wherever you come, that your carriage and life may preach among all sorts of people, and to them; then you will come to walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in every one.  Quaker faith & practice 19.32

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What we do and why we do it

29 Sep 2011 | by Oliver Robertson

The breakthrough came on 1st October 2010. It happened late on Friday afternoon, tucked away in a statement about the following year’s programme of work. Only a couple of dozen people were sitting in the Committee Chamber to hear the news, and few of those appreciated the effort that had...

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Posters for peace

29 Sep 2011 | by Ian Kirk-Smith

The Northern Friends Peace Board is dipping into a rich archival pool to mark its centenary next year. A calendar for 2013, which draws on a selection of several hundred posters from the Board’s collection, is the first in a number of centenary initiatives. Posters were one of the main...

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Costing not less than everything

29 Sep 2011 | by Martin Smith

‘I want to see us living our testimony in such a way that other people think not just, “Quakers – peace” but also, “Quakers – peace – the environment”.’  Pam Lunn

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Greenham Common: 30 years on

29 Sep 2011 | by Kim Hope

‘We are gentle, angry women and we are singing, singing, for our lives…’  ‘You can’t kill the spirit… she is like a mountain, old and strong, she goes on and on…’  These are words from just two of the songs that we sang over and over again...

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Meeting at Glenthorne

29 Sep 2011 | by Harvey Gillman

We met in silence, the cows and I in the long wet grass, in worship they, ruminating I. They sat. I stood by the wooden fence that set apart the sprawling house from the winding path that climbed in awe to the passing clouds. Again I saw the hill I...

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Being a Quaker:  a guide for newcomers

29 Sep 2011 | by Trish Carn

There is a difference between ‘narrow’ casting and ‘broad’ casting. In the first you are talking to the converted. In the second you assume little and communicate your message in an open, inclusive and engaging manner. If you can do so with humour, humility and a touch of irreverence then...

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