Issue 19-05-2023

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‘Practice resurrection’: Dana Smith’s Thought for the week

FREE 18 May 2023 | by Dana Smith

For me, practising resurrection means slowing things down. Right down, often to the point of stopping. It might involve lying on the ground, preferably outside (this may mean getting mud on the yoga mat). It means not carrying a device on which I can be reached. It almost always involves...

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In living memory: Anne M Jones on the importance of vigil

18 May 2023 | by Anne M Jones

‘This is when the word “refugee” takes on a human meaning, the way pope Francis has described: “Every person has a name and a face.” Yes, and a story, too.'

Each month, a group of about twenty people gathers outside the Home Office. It’s a vigil, held to acknowledge the deaths of people fleeing wars and famine, seeking sanctuary in Europe. The vigil is organised by Westminster Justice and Peace group, and the London Catholic Worker. I have been...

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Meeting the challenge: Tim Gee on the World Plenary

18 May 2023 | by Tim Gee

In Zulu, ubuntu means something like ‘I am because you are’, or ‘we are because you are’.

I began this year as an online participant at Southern Africa Yearly Meeting. Physically I was just south of Manchester in England. Mentally and spiritually, though, I was in South Africa.

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Quakers witness against Barclays bank

FREE 18 May 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

Bristol Climate Choir at ‘The Big One’

Bristol Quakers took the lead in environmental protests at Barclays Annual General Meeting (AGM) this month, with the help of activist singers.

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A class act? Toby Spence on the virtues of a Quaker education

18 May 2023 | by Toby Spence

‘We are still living adventurously, and we are still endeavouring to be patterns and examples.’

In August, my direct relationship with Quaker education will come to an end. This will bring a conclusion to decades of my family’s involvement with Quaker schools, from attendance at Bootham, Great Ayton, Ackworth, the Mount and Saffron Walden, to leadership and trusteeship roles at Sibford. This includes people...

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Love and ecological collapse: Joseph Jones hears Rupert Read give this year’s Salter Lecture

18 May 2023 | by Rupert Read

'There will be tears, and dark nights. There will be impossible heartbreak… and magnificent joy.’ | Photo: Rupert Read

The question ahead of this year’s Salter Lecture – ‘The Horrible, Wonderful Truth About Climate’ – was not whether Friends would find its subject matter important, but whether anything new could be said on an issue that already unites most Quakers – often to the point of exhaustion. In finding Rupert Read,...

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Quaker continues to resist deportation

FREE 18 May 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

A Quaker human rights defender is facing another struggle against deportation, with local Friends rallying to raise funds and offer support.

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Conscientious Objectors’ Day

18 May 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

Quakers gathered across the country to mark Conscientious Objectors’ (CO) Day this week. With events in Liverpool, Brighton, Manchester, Leicester and Leeds, Friends joined other campaigners to stand in solidarity with COs past and present, and the many people around the world who are imprisoned or forced to flee for...

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New building for Korean peace school

18 May 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

Over 100 people gathered at a new Quaker-initiated school on the edge of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in South Korea this month, to mark the completion of its new building.

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Migration Bill is ‘shockingly cruel’, say Friends

18 May 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) and the Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network (QARN) have signed a joint solidarity statement with 174 other organisations on the Illegal Migration Bill.

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Nomad Century: How to survive the climate upheaval, by Gaia Vince

18 May 2023 | by Moragh Bradshaw

This book is subtitled ‘How to survive the climate upheaval’. Given the state of the world my grandson will inherit, I decided to buy it for him as an antidote to the economics he will soon begin studying. I ended up borrowing it myself.

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Eye - 19 May 2023

18 May 2023 | by Elinor Smallman

Collective nouns Eye’s challenge to find a collective noun for a Friendly flocking (28 April) has had some intriguing suggestions: ‘A Discernment of Quakers’ Helen Tyas ‘A Peculiarity of Friends’ Marie Noon ‘A Quirk of Quakers’ Anon What say you, Friends? Any other offers? Finding Friends A solo jaunt had...

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The Meeting

18 May 2023 | by Reg Naulty

In the soul’s deepest recesses there is a meeting like winds passing and beholding each other in mutual rapture. ‘You are here at last,’ breathes the soul in welcome, ‘you have come’.

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Letters - 19 May 2023

18 May 2023 | by The Friend

Our future direction I was pleased when Charles spoke of seeing himself as a defender of faiths, rather than as defender of the (Anglican) faith, as it seemed to show a broader vision than nationalism. So I was rather taken aback when I heard that the general public was being...

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