Issue 28-04-2023

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Food for thought: Kate McNally’s Thought for the week

FREE 27 Apr 2023 | by Kate McNally

I recently saw a challenge to write about one’s journey with food. It wasn’t directed at me, and I wasn’t sure exactly what it meant, but I decided to try anyway.

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Vagabond journey:the ‘psychological abnormalities’ and ‘religious genius’ of George Fox

27 Apr 2023 | by Jonathan Wooding

Image generated by OpenArt, an artificial intelligence tool, with the prompt ‘George Fox, aged 28, wearing a hat, standing on Pendle Hill

If you’re thinking of tackling George Fox’s Journal before the quarter centenary commemorations next year, then I recommend William James as a reading companion. Born in 1842, James was a philosopher, and perhaps the first psychologist of the religious sensibility. He is an enthusiast for Quakerism. Take this, for...

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Hundreds of Friends at ‘The Big One’

FREE 27 Apr 2023 | by Febecca Hardy

Meeting for Worship spilling onto the street | Photo: courtesy @SomervellD on Twitter

Hundreds of Friends joined Extinction Rebellion (XR)’s ‘The Big One’ last weekend, demanding urgent action on the climate emergency. 

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More business with history: Andy Fincham has lessons from the Quaker past

27 Apr 2023 | by Andy Fincham

‘Members of the Society today should consider how we use our networks.’ | Photo: Egbert Van Hemskerck, The Quaker Meeting, c.1685

Last week in ‘Business with history’, we looked at how early Quakers achieved success in their commercial ventures, along with a reputation for probity and straight dealing. It is significant that this reputation followed the success, because what really enabled early Friends to achieve prominence was their highly-integrated community, founded...

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Bean feast: Robert Ashton wants a better cup

27 Apr 2023 | by Robert Ashton

'If we want our visitors to return, I think we all need to wake up and smell the coffee!' | Photo: by Ante Samarzija on Unsplash

Coffee has played a key role throughout my career. Deals were struck over cappuccino in hotel lounges; new opportunities grew from chance conversations in conference coffee breaks; and visitors to my office were always offered a fresh cafetiere. I came to judge the businesses I visited by the standard of...

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Eye - 28 April 2023

27 Apr 2023 | by Elinor Smallman

'Eye caught a glimpse of how Meetings use the Friend, courtesy of Annon-a-mouse...' | Photo: Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Exploring Bournville On 16 April Songs of Praise explored the faith and philanthropy of the Cadbury family in Bournville. The episode explored the history of the Cadbury company and the development of their factory village. Aled Jones goes on a walking tour of Bournville with the heritage manager of the Village...

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Quaker says Churches Together must evolve

FREE 27 Apr 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

Hannah Brock Womack, who was prevented from fully taking up her position as a president for Churches Together in England (CTE) because she is in a same-sex marriage, says the organisation must continue to evolve to stop history repeating itself.

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Friend highlights plight of hospices

27 Apr 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

A Bolton Quaker has called for more funding for hospices, highlighting the financial strain many face. The call echoes warnings from Hospice UK that many providing end-of-life services in partnership with the NHS may have to shut beds and sack staff because of rising energy bills of up to 350 per...

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Friends spread the word on voter ID

27 Apr 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

Britain Yearly Meeting has urged Friends to highlight the issue of voter ID. Writing in the Quake! newsletter, BYM said: ‘The government is bringing in voter ID, starting with the local elections in May 2023. It’s important that we remember to bring valid ID to the polling station and help...

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Yearly Meeting 2023 Preparatory sessions

27 Apr 2023 | by Elinor Smallman

A series of online theme preparation sessions were run between 19 and 23 April to help Friends get ready for Yearly Meeting (YM) 2023. Its theme is ‘Releasing our energy so that we can follow the leadings of the spirit, fulfil our purpose and build a better world’. YM in session will address...

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Letters - 28 April 2023

27 Apr 2023 | by The Friend

Membership I admire those attenders who are devoted to our Religious Society, who serve it in many ways, but who refrain from applying for membership because in all honesty they cannot accede to our God-centred religious basis. I deplore the fact that our procedures are such that avowed and even...

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