Issue 03-01-2023

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Something completely different: Kate McNally’s Thought for the week

FREE 2 Feb 2023 | by Kate McNally

I sometimes think about a quote attributed to Michelangelo, when asked how he could sculpt a leaf that looked so real: ‘You just cut away all the parts that don’t look like a leaf.’ In a sense, we all sculpt ourselves. When we let go of all the parts...

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The balloon factory: after a trip with Ukrainian refugees, Elaine Wood turned fact into fiction

2 Feb 2023 | by Elaine Wood

'By now I realise something’s up; something inside me has shut down.' | Photo: by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

‘Wake up Giorgiy! Wake up!’ Not my Dad’s usual, gentle nudge but a serious shake. What’s going on? ‘It’s started,’ he barks, nervously. ‘What has started? ‘The war.’

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Family matters: Beth Follini gets the picture

2 Feb 2023 | by Beth Follini

‘The photo has an important personal significance for me.’

I discovered this photo when helping my mother declutter her cosy apartment in Halifax, Canada. She is a member of Halifax Meeting. We are from a long line of Quakers, direct descendants of Thomas Iredell, who was born in 1676 at Riggs Bank. He migrated to Philadelphia in 1700, carrying with him...

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Eye - 3 January 2023

2 Feb 2023 | by Elinor Smallman

Emma is pictured above in a recent street performance: ‘This was promoting growing and harvesting our own food – even if all we might have is a window box.' | Photo: courtesy of Emma Salt

Naming of days Eye is always keen to learn, and one reader has shared further subtleties about a recent story. Barry Williamson, of Chorley Meeting, writes: ‘Eye 20th of the 1st month 2023 refers to the Quaker practice of eschewing naming after pagan gods days of the week. ‘George Fox, however,...

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Blue plaque for Ada Salter

FREE 2 Feb 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

'English Heritage said she had a ‘profound and lasting impact’ on the then-deprived borough of Bermondsey.' | Photo: Ada Salter

English Heritage will be unveiling a blue plaque to commemorate the Quaker Ada Salter.

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Fight the power? Jeff Dean reflects on his Ukrainian visitors

2 Feb 2023 | by Jeff Dean

'They have a phone app that tells them in real time when and where their home country is being bombed.' | Photo: by Daniele Franchi on Unsplash

For the past four months, three Ukrainians have been guests in our home. They are kind, friendly, generous, gentle people, and they have enriched our lives.

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QARN on missing asylum-seeking children

FREE 2 Feb 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

Friends have spoken out about the 200 children recently reported to have gone missing from hotels run by the Home Office.

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Back anti-nuclear ban, Quakers urge

2 Feb 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

Quakers called for the government to engage with the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) last month.

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Quakers open more warm banks

2 Feb 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

Quakers are continuing to set up warm spaces to help the cost-of-living and energy crisis.

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Quaker advice on discussing the military in schools

2 Feb 2023 | by Rebecca Hardy

The risk of suicide is two-to-four times higher for young veterans than it is for regular civilians, according to new research commissioned by the Ministry of Defence.

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Playing a part: Anne M Jones returns to the refugee day centre in Calais

2 Feb 2023 | by Anne M Jones

The flat, grey-green landscape exhales ghosts. They seem to taunt me as my train speeds from Calais to Lille-Flandres: ‘Has the world learned nothing from that terrible war that raged here over 100 years ago?’ Out of the window is an endlessness occasionally broken by small groups of houses nestling around...

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Letters - 03 February 2023

2 Feb 2023 | by The Friend

QCEA Rebecca Bellamy’s report on her QCEA (Quaker Council for European Affairs) study tour (16 December) was very moving. So much of the focus on Brexit has been on its economic impact and less on the loss of the rich cultural benefits of working creatively with our closest neighbours. Around...

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