Issue 25-03-2022

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Seed capital: David Brown’s Thought for the Week

FREE 24 Mar 2022 | by David Brown

As spring arrives, it reminds me that the image and metaphor of the seed has been very popular with Quakers. William Penn in 1694 likens the seed to the potential for inner connection with God, saying: ‘If you would know God and worship and serve God as you should do, you...

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Peace must be made: Lessons from a bombed city by Christopher Cocksworth

24 Mar 2022 | by Christopher Cocksworth

‘No human individual should ever be able to lay claim to the power to essentially unmake humanity.’ | Photo: Coventry Cathedral, by Andrew Walker on Wikimedia Commons

The last time I spoke of nuclear weapons I felt myself having to justify giving so much attention to a subject which many regarded as irrelevant – a non-issue. Today, the nuclear threat is staring us in the face: Russia, during the invasion of Ukraine, has escalated its nuclear readiness. For...

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Quakers nominate Kenyan Miriam Were for Nobel Peace Prize

FREE 24 Mar 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

'Miriam Were has spent nearly fifty years working on community-based health initiatives around the world, bringing this vision to life.’ | Photo: Miriam Were

Quakers in Britain and the United States have nominated Kenyan doctor Miriam Were for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize.

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A welcome change? Kate McNally on Ukrainian refugees

24 Mar 2022 | by Kate McNally

'I am frustrated by the sudden willingness of governments to open their borders to white Europeans when they have been closed to brown and black people.' | Photo: by Marissa Daeger on Unsplash

Like many I have been struggling with how to help with the influx of refugees from Ukraine. My particular struggle is with the fact that they are being welcomed very differently from others.

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Some assembly required? Paul Holdsworth on the value of worshipping ‘in person’

24 Mar 2022 | by Paul Holdsworth

'For me, quaking is a key part of the process of discerning whether to rise to offer ministry; if I’m not quaking, I don’t speak.' | Photo: by Andrew Moca on Unsplash

Friends have taken to online worship like ducks to water. During the Covid pandemic, worshipping via Zoom has been for many a welcome replacement – albeit not a perfect substitute – for attending in the local Meeting house.

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After hard times

24 Mar 2022 | by Reg Naulty

'and all is bathed in peace, softly, which the mind recognizes clearly, and the glory of existence is known.' | Photo: by Amy Treasure on Unsplash

Patience comes first in that dark night; slowly, peace rises in the inward mind, then all the world around exhibits what there is, quiet and profound, disclosing itself as an offering; the soul appreciates what is offered.

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Quaker project welcomes refugees to Camden

FREE 24 Mar 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

A family fleeing from a war-torn part of the world will find a new life in Camden, thanks to a Quaker-instigated project.

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Friends highlight UK ‘temporary protection’ rule

24 Mar 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

The crisis in Ukraine has highlighted ‘how public support for refugees is at odds with government policy’, the Quakers Asylum and Refugee Network (QARN) has said.

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New Scientist Live festival pulls fossil fuel links

24 Mar 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

A leading science festival appears to have cut ties with major oil and gas companies after years of opposition. This year’s New Scientist Live festival – which took place in Manchester last weekend – had no fossil fuel companies as sponsors or exhibitors. The move is understood to signal a shift...

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Quaker group makes proposals for The Retreat

24 Mar 2022 | by Rebecca Hardy

A group of Quakers has made some proposals regarding the development of The Retreat estate at Heslington Road in York. The proposals come from the coordinating group for ‘Quaker Voices on Mental Health’ (QVMH) which is a national group supported by the Quaker Mental Health Fund (formerly The Retreat Benevolent...

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Good call: Robert Ashton’s digital detox

24 Mar 2022 | by Robert Ashton

Most Sunday mornings I meet a couple of Friends for coffee at a café near to the Norwich Meeting House. We discuss the issues of the day and share news from the past week. Then we walk together to Meeting for Worship, where I find our conversation provides a good...

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A Sudden Mirror: Collected poems, by Roger Iredale

24 Mar 2022 | by Peter Jarman

This well-crafted collection of poems is a distillation of its author’s experience and reflection acquired through travels all over the world. The poems conjure up images of people and their plights that are especially relevant for Friends concerned with truth, peaceful relationships, and the alleviation of poverty.

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The Gospels: A new translation, by Sarah Ruden

24 Mar 2022 | by Simon Webb

Online searches for ‘Quaker Bible’ tend to find Anthony Purver, who spent thirty years translating both Testaments. He struggled to find a publisher until the Quaker physician John Fothergill bought the copyright and published it in 1764. It was not a success.

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Letters - 25 March 2022

24 Mar 2022 | by The Friend

Ukraine One cannot refrain from taking sides in the present conflict. The reaction of most papers is to call for greater expenditure on arms, but as we know this is likely simply to make matters worse. What can we do to prevent a full-scale nuclear conflict? At the least we...

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