Issue 29-10-2021

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Thought for the Week: Elaine Miles is still standing

FREE 28 Oct 2021 | by Elaine Miles

When the early Quakers talked of ‘the Light’ they meant ‘Christ’, because in the New Testament Jesus referred to himself this way. Eventually the term became a kind of metaphor for the Holy Spirit, and Friends began to speak of ‘the Spirit within’. They believed that if they submitted to...

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Not on your lifestyle: Margaret Roy on the hard work of change

28 Oct 2021 | by Margaret Roy

‘Why is a simple life seen as a deprivation?’ | Photo: by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

W ork on the climate emergency will not end with COP26, and there’s more to it than calculating our personal carbon footprints. We seem to be shovelling the disorder from one part of the world to another.

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The high road? Insulate Britain by Arne Springorum

28 Oct 2021 | by Arne Springorum

‘Will you help shift the national conversation towards the necessity of systemic change?’ | Photo: courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This is no easy writing for me. I am scared of choosing the wrong words, of being misunderstood, and of missing an opportunity.

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Eye on the storm: Voirrey Faragher listens to Friend Alastair McIntosh on climate and spirituality

28 Oct 2021 | by Alastair McIntosh

‘As a Religious Society of Friends, concerned with spiritual life, do we have anything to bring to the table?’ | Photo: courtesy of Alain Le Breton

This year’s Adderbury Gathering, organised by Banbury & Evesham Meeting, welcomed Alastair McIntosh for ‘Riding the Climate Storm: The climate crisis and survival of being’. Alastair looked at climate change and climate justice in a creative, far-reaching and rounded manner. We might expect this of an academic but Alastair...

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Quakers lead two political parties

FREE 28 Oct 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

Carla Denyer, courtesy of the Green Party

Two political parties in the UK now have Quakers leading them. Carla Denyer was elected as co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales this month. Meanwhile Alex Cole-Hamilton was elected as leader of the Scottish Liberal Democats in August.

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Ready and waiting: Martin Mansell on how Glasgow Friends are preparing for COP26

28 Oct 2021 | by Martin Mansell

'We hope that Quakers will be well represented in the Global Day for Climate Justice marches in Glasgow and London on Saturday, 6 November.' | Photo: Glasgow Meeting House courtesy of Martin Mansell

In COP26, Glasgow Meeting finds itself at the centre of one of the most significant international conferences for decades. We have been working with over sixty faith and non-faith groups to prepare.

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Quakers call for ban on conversion therapy

FREE 28 Oct 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

The Quaker Gender and Sexual Diversity Community (QGSDC) has called on the UK government to ban conversion therapy ‘without delay’, saying that many Friends have been affected by the practice.

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Army should no longer ‘police itself’, say campaigners

28 Oct 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

Peace campaigners have redoubled their calls for the British army to be no longer able to ‘police itself’. The calls follow news this month that armed forces police have closed all investigations into alleged war crimes by British forces personnel in Iraq.

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QSA pays tribute to murdered supporter David Amess MP

28 Oct 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

Quaker Social Action (QSA) has paid tribute to the MP David Amess, who was stabbed to death during a surgery for his constituents.

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Quaker Tapestry manager reflects

28 Oct 2021 | by Rebecca Hardy

Bridget Guest has reflected on her twenty-seven years as general manager of the Quaker Tapestry Museum before she retires at the end of the year.

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Hope and Witness in Dangerous Times by J Brent Bill

28 Oct 2021 | by Stuart Masters

The Quaker Quicks offer accessible texts on key aspects of the Quaker way. These little books are suitable for both Friends and interested observers. In this case, US Friend, Brent Bill, who has written widely on Quaker spirituality, disciplines, and humour, considers how the Quaker understanding of witness can help...

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The Primacy of Love, by Ilia Delio

28 Oct 2021 | by Frank Regan

This is part of a series launched by DLT Books called ‘My Theology’. It will consist of brief statements by leading theologians. Among them is one of my favourites, Ilia Delio. She is a Franciscan sister whose interest is in the integration of science, religion and culture. Currently she is...

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Only say the word and I shall be healed

28 Oct 2021 | by Harvey Gillman

And so he frequented the libraries and consulted the dictionaries, went online and off, many applications, hither and thither and back again.

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Letters - 29 October 2021

28 Oct 2021 | by The Friend

Arab population in Palestine As a Friend with important Jewish heritage on my father’s side I always read with great interest the correspondence on Israel/Palestine, antisemitism and so on. I feel that I understand and strongly empathise with Jewish people on the centuries-old tragedy of antisemitism culminating in...

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