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The Journal of Elias Hicks

25 May 2010 | by Abigail Maxwell | 1 comment

Elias Hicks | Friends House Library

The Journal of Elias Hicks, editor Paul Buckley. Inner Light Books. ISBN 978 0 9797110 5 3. £18.  Hicks is of great importance in Quaker history. After 1827 there was a significant rift in American Quakerism with neither side recognising the other. After this, other American Yearly Meetings split.  The larger group were labelled ‘Orthodox’,...

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Trust: lost and re-found

12 May 2010 | by Noël Staples

Trust: How we lost it and how to get it back by Anthony Seldon. Biteback Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-84954-001-8. £8.99.  Only in 2002 did I realise that a breakdown in trust was not just a personal worry when Onora O’Neill gave her BBC Reith Lecture ‘A Question of...

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Faith versus reason in ancient Alexandria

05 May 2010 | by Rowena Loverance

A scene from Agora. |

At first sight, Alejandro Amenabar’s Agora, one of the current crop of cinematic ancient world blockbusters, would seem to confirm all the prejudices about Christianity into which Friends are prone to lapse. Irrational and credulous, intolerant and misogynist: the emerging Christians of fourth century Alexandria are an unappealing lot....

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Towards mutual affirmation

28 April 2010 | by Harvey Gillman


An introduction to Jewish-Christian Relations by Edward Kessler. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 0521705622. £17.99.  That the seeds of the Holocaust are to be found in the pages of the New Testament is perhaps the starkest and harshest summary of the troubled historical relationship between Jews and Christians. Yet even to put...

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From painful origins new writing brings hope

27 April 2010 | by Joan Cuthbertson | 1 comment


The Galloping Stone. ISBN 978 0955882968. £5. Available from  The result of Gillian Allnutt’s six months as writer in residence for the North East centre of The Medical Foundation for the Care of the Victims of Torture, this book is varied and interesting in format....

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A land to call home

21 April 2010 | by Lee Taylor

Mike Campbell (centre, right) and Ben Freeth (middle, back) with some of their workers. | Arturi Films

People often ask me why there isn’t more news and information about what’s happening in Zimbabwe, and Quakers often ask about the impact of the years of oppression on Hlekweni, the Quaker training centre near Bulawayo.  The continued awfulness of the situation there seems to have numbed...

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No-nonsense guide to religion

FREE 08 April 2010 | by Robin Bennett


The No-Nonsense Guide to Religion by Symon Hill. New Internationalist. ISBN: 978 190 65232 99. £7.99. This No-Nonsense Guide series is new to the reviewer and judging by their first list, it is welcome, slipping into a pocket, readable and contemporary. This Guide to Religion also does what is says on the tin, though the...

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The Scouting book for boys

31 March 2010 | by Rowena Loverance

Thomas Turgoose with Steven Mackintosh in The Scouting Book For Boys |

Can most Friends remember their ‘coming-of-age’ summer, I wonder? I certainly can, and, like the two young people in The Scouting Book for Boys, mine also involved a caravan park. And waving fields of golden corn. Plus absent parents, of course; that’s pretty much an essential ingredient. I don...

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In comes the citizen approach

24 March 2010 | by Christopher Vincenzi


Beyond the Profits System: Possibilities for a Post-Capitalist Era by Harry Shutt. Zed Books. ISBN 978-184813-417-1. £12.99.  How are we to get through the current global financial and economic crisis? Harry Shutt, who saw the storm clouds approaching several years ago, offers some radical solutions to the problems...

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It’s the economy, clever

24 March 2010 | by Judy Kirby


The end of money and the future of civilization by Thomas H Greco Jr. Floris Books. ISBN 978-086315-733-2. £12.99.  Prosperity without growth by Tim Jackson. Earthscan. ISBN 978-1-84407-894-3. £12.99.  Back in the 1970s, an academic called Theodore Roszak roused some of us with fighting talk...

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