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A journey of transformation

18 November 2009 | by Elaine Pryce


God Sleeps in Rwanda: a journey of transformation by Joseph Sebarenzi with Laura Ann Mullane. Atria Books. ISBN: 978 141657 573 3. £18.99.  The European subjection and colonisation of Africa has left a brutal legacy. From the indefensible abuses of enslavement and apartheid to the wanton plundering of Africa’s rich resources, it is...

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Of truth, teacups and wineglasses

11 November 2009 | by Eleanor Nesbitt


The first programme of his BBC television series on the history of Christianity (5 and 8 November) showed professor Diarmuid McCulloch pouring oil into a glass of water and a few minutes later adding red wine to water in another glass. He was presenting the difference between two fifth century Christian theologians’...

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Child of Light

11 November 2009 | by Peter and Anne Ullathorne

The choir rehearsing | Photo: Fran Lane

Anyone who was in Bull Street Meeting House, Birmingham on Saturday 24 October – and around forty of us were – had another musical treat from The Leaveners. A choir of some twenty-four people, all ages and backgrounds, had gathered at 10am that morning and worked hard with John Sheldon, accompanist, learning the...

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Two views on faith

FREE 04 November 2009 | by Symon Hill


The case for God: what religion really means by Karen Armstrong. The Bodley Head. ISBN: 978 1 847 92034 8. £20. Reason, Faith and Revolution: reflections on the God debate by Terry Eagleton. Yale University Press. ISBN: 978 030 015179 4. £18.99. As sparks continue to fly between allies and opponents of Richard Dawkins, both sides have taken a hammering in...

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The making of modern Britain

FREE 04 November 2009 | by Judy Kirby

Slum children in York, 1900. Their plight was highlighted in Seebohm Rowntree’s report Poverty revisited in the programme. | Photo courtesy the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Television: The Making of Modern Britain BBC 2. When Victoria died at the beginning of the twentieth century, ‘New Dawn’ thinking was inevitable. Great Britain was about to undergo traumatic changes. One was a shock to the empire, when it took Britain two years to defeat not very many Afrikaners in...

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Quaker Theatre Company: ‘Now We Are Sixty’

28 October 2009 | by Roger Iredale

Left to right: Alan Avery, Katie Moore and Judy Emmet. | Photo courtesy Quaker Theatre Company.

The Quaker Theatre Company arrived about an hour before the performance as we waited anxiously on a Friday evening at Long Sutton Village Hall in darkest Somerset. Alan, Judy and Katy, held back by traffic en route from their previous performance at Peterborough, soon had the set laid out and...

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Gathering - an exhibition of painting and poetry in Lewes

28 October 2009 | by Geoffrey Johnson

Three vessels. | Ann Johnson.

The Hop Gallery in the East Sussex town of Lewes is an ideally light and airy exhibition space for ‘Gathering’, a collaborative venture where the work of three creative Quakers can be seen from 6 to 21 November. The exhibition has been staged by Ann Johnson and developed around twenty-five of her...

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Cole Sahib: Quaker educationist

21 October 2009 | by Eleanor Nesbitt


Cole Sahib: The Story of a Multifaith Journey by Owen Cole. Sussex Academic Press. ISBN: 9781845193362. £16.95.  ‘This story has three intertwining strands. One is my deep interest in religious education from 1954 onwards… until now; the second is the multifaith journey that I have travelled since about 1968; and the third is...

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Something to think about

13 October 2009 | by Stuart Donnan


Good Value: reflections on money, morality and an uncertain world by Stephen Green. Allen Lane. ISBN: 978 1846142 36 9. £25.  Here’s a book from one of what has been called the ‘City bonus brigade’, which will be of great interest to Quakers for a variety of reasons. The author is chairman of...

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Status QUO

13 October 2009 | by Sarah Lawson | 1 comment

The Forest Hill ukulele crew | Chris Richards

Inspired by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (actually an octet) and their performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy at the Proms last August, Forest Hill Friends in south London have formed their own Quaker Ukulele Orchestra, or QUO. The twelve beginning strummers have as their teacher the ‘beginner-in-chief’,...

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