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Talk and tango

23 September 2009 | by Fiona Foulkes


Talk Together, a new initiative, met for its inaugural conference this August in Oxford. Aimed at teaching students conflict resolution skills and providing a forum for students from either side of a conflict to come together, I was lucky enough to attend as a ‘neutral’ student. As a group of...

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Three special places

23 September 2009 | by R N Clarke

Cannock Chase’s German War Cemetery. | R N Clarke

Not so far from my home in Stafford are three special places. Special because they give genuine worth and dignity to the lives of particular individuals, and in so doing give meaning to all our lives. Cannock Chase’s German War Cemetery, Commonwealth Cemetery and Katyn Memorial are all to...

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Yes to the troops, no to the wars

18 September 2009 | by Larry Ingle


Yes to the troops, No to the wars: Quaker House, 40 Years of front-line peace witness by Chris McCallum. Fayetteville, NC: Quaker House. ISBN: 0-945177-51-8. $15.95.  Quakers have an interesting history: mostly middle to upper middle class, they have recently had relatively little contact with the working class world...

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From sea to the Oval Office

18 September 2009 | by Libby Perkins


HMS Resolute and how she prevented a war: from the Canadian Arctic to the President’s desk by Elizabeth Matthews. Auxilium ab Alto Press. ISBN 978 0 155203 96 3. £9.99.  Did you wonder why Barack Obama was taking his place in the Oval Office behind the ‘Resolute desk’? This novel of historical fiction provides...

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A personal portrait of India

18 September 2009 | by Jennifer Kavanagh


Ashram Diary by Thomas Matus. O Books. ISBN: 978 1846941 61 0. £11.99.  Diaries and journals have a particular attraction. Informality, intimacy, and immediate impressions open up the writer’s mind and heart to the page.  These diaries cover the years from 1984 to 2004, years during which Matus, a Benedictine monk from the New...

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Jonah on display

11 September 2009 | by David Blamires

When I was invited to give the Bible half hours at New England Yearly Meeting in the summer of 1967, I chose to give my first talk on the Book of Jonah. Apart from the Psalms, Jonah is my favourite part of the Hebrew Bible. Pretty well everybody knows about Jonah...

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11 September 2009 | by Jenny Webb

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Biodiversity: the spice of life

04 September 2009 | by Gordon L Woodroffe

Mountain gorilla in Rwanda. | TKnoxB/flickr CC:BY

Gordon L Woodroffe shares his concerns about the importance of biodiversity As the Copenhagen summit draws nearer it is important that governments do not lose sight of the fact that the health implications on the loss of biodiversity are every bit as great as those caused by global warming. This...

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Remembering Ted Harvey

04 September 2009 | by Oliver Pickering

T Edmund Harvey, from The Daltonian (magazine of Dalton Hall, Manchester University. | Photo courtesy The Library of the Religious Society of Friends.

Oliver Pickering reports on a lecture that describes the principled life of T Edmund Harvey T Edmund (‘Ted’) Harvey (1875-1955) was the eldest of the remarkable family born to the prominent Leeds Quakers William Harvey and his wife Anna Maria, née Whiting. The story of their childhood is told...

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Contemporary British Quakers

04 September 2009 | by Hannah Brock

Book cover |

The Quaker Condition: the sociology of a liberal religion, edited by Pink Dandelion and Peter Collins. Cambridge Scholars Press. ISBN: 978 1847185 65 5. £34.99 or £25 from Woodbrooke.   The Quaker Condition: the sociology of a liberal religion addresses central questions such as what is it to be a Quaker in contemporary Britain? And how...

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