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Small but perfectly formed

FREE 17 February 2010 | by Judy Kirby

Celebrating the Quaker Way by Ben Pink Dandelion. Quaker Books. ISBN 978 1 90712302 3 £2.50. Quakers like their theology pocket sized. I’m sure that’s why Advices & queries is so special. There’s something very Quakerly about a mobile text. In this tiny book Ben starts immediately to praise the riches of...

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Celebrating the liberal tradition

FREE 17 February 2010 | by Marion McNaughton

In the world of charitable trusts and foundations the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust is known nationally and internationally as a funder of radical causes that challenge injustice and inequality and aim to create a better, fairer world. Within the Society of Friends in Britain and Europe it is seen primarily...

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The Water Table

10 February 2010 | by Peter Bennet


The Water Table by Philip Gross. Bloodaxe Books. ISBN: 1 85224 852 1. £8.95.  Philip Gross has had a distinguished career as a writer and teacher while managing to avoid becoming a household name. He has written fiction, children’s opera, radio plays, horror and science fiction as well as poetry. The Water Table,...

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Dancing with the Spirit

10 February 2010 | by Rowena Loverance | 1 comment

Zélie and Philip Gross |

‘Now, let’s have a barn dance!’ Not, you might think, the most obvious opening for outreach, but this was the line which Philip Gross credits with starting him on the road to Friends. It was his first time in a Meeting house, sometime in the early 1970s, at the...

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‘I believe God will save every person’

20 January 2010 | by Chuck Fager

Philip Gulley. |

If The Church Were Christian by Philip Gulley, HarperOne, ISBN 978 006 169 8767. £14.98. Indiana Quaker pastor and author Philip Gulley has been shaking the foundations of midwestern US Quakerism for almost ten years. This book could produce another much needed shaking there.  In the 1990s Philip Gulley published a popular series of...

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Friendly poet takes leading prize

FREE 20 January 2010 | by Judy Kirby

Bloodaxe Books |

Philip Gross, the 2010 TS Eliot poetry prizewinner is a Quaker from Penarth Glamorgan. This year Philip will be running a course at the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham with his wife Zelie exploring the place of water in art – the TS Eliot prize was awarded him for his anthology...

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Sacred heart

13 January 2010 | by Ron Kentish

Francisco de Zurbarán (1598–1664). Virgin of the Misericordia, 1634 | © Photo Imagen MAS Courtesy of Museo de Bellas Artes, Seville.

Anyone who has experienced semana santa (holy week) in Spain will appreciate the extraordinarily dramatic way in which the story of the Passion of Christ is depicted in colourful processions through the streets.  Dating back to the sixteenth century, they are at there most Catholically extravagant in Andalusia – especially...

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Venice: a city marked by genius

13 January 2010 | by Paul Millward

San Marco | Photo: tiseb/flickr CC:BY

Legend has it that saint Mark was once shipwrecked upon an island in the Venetian lagoon. An angel came to him saying: ‘Peace be with thee, O Mark, my evangelist’, whereupon the angel predicted that on this very spot would arise the most beautiful city the world would see. Cynics...

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Earth at the Royal Academy

06 January 2010 | by Rowena Loverance

Mariele Neudecker, ‘400 Thousand Generations’, 2009. | Courtesy the artist and Galerie Barbara Thumm. © GSK Contemporary 2009 – Earth.

By the time you read this, we shall know what deal, if any, was done at Copenhagen, and what part popular campaigning played in achieving it. But whether art works played any part in influencing either governmental or popular opinion, we may never know. A year ago, reviewing the year...

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A Messiah for Quakers

FREE 30 December 2009 | by Linda Craig

Messiah by Handel. Elisabetta d’Aloia and Anthony Kurt-Gabel. | Photo: Laurie Lewis, courtesy English National Opera.

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