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Psalm 119

17 September 2020 | by Jonathan Wooding | 1 comment

'Sophistical butterflies – good heavens!' | by David Clode on Unsplash.

O Lord, thou hast dealt graciously with thy servant Butterflies are happy for our garden. Something coppery there, a Small Heath, and a Wood White skipping, luciform.

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Poem: Friend

10 September 2020 | by RV Bailey | 2 comments

'I never knew you were a Quaker.' | The Chelsea Meeting, Nelson Dawson, 1891.

I never knew you were a Quaker. I might have guessed. A silence in the midst of argument; A pause for thought. A sense that something else was going on Quietly, all the time.

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Talking About Skin: A memoir, by Rosa L Carter

10 September 2020 | by Helen Lockwood

'The testimony of Equality does not reflect all of Rosa’s experiences within our Society.' | Book cover of Talking About Skin: A memoir, by Rosa L Carter

Rosa Carter, who is a Staffordshire Quaker, has written a fascinating memoir. Although originally only intended for her three sons, it has now been published for a wider audience. It should be essential reading for white Quakers who wonder about the lack of black people within the Religious Society of...

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Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad

10 September 2020 | by Fred Ashmore | 1 comment

'The work is uncomfortable and challenging.' | Book cover of Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad

For many Friends, the violent death in Minneapolis of George Floyd has felt impossible to discount or ignore. But like others I have been uncertain about what would be an appropriate response. ‘Black Lives Matter’ has not leapt to the top of our Society’s national agenda, though we have...

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Ways to Kiss the Earth by Linda Murgatroyd

10 September 2020 | by Linda Murgatroyd | 4 comments

'This book is an offering of hope; an invitation to engage with some very big issues through art.' | Book cover of Ways to Kiss the Earth by Linda Murgatroyd

Last summer, an art exhibition called Seeking Routes was held at Swarthmoor Hall. It showed work in which Friends explored Quaker experience and action in building a more sustainable Earth. This book presents a selection from the exhibition and its five themes: ‘Reverence for Nature’; ‘Spiritual and Creative Process’; ‘Climate...

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The Myth of Religious Neutrality by Roy Clouser

03 September 2020 | by Jim Newmark

‘It would be a mistake to believe that science will bring us to understand what reality is.’ | Book cover of The Myth of Religious Neutrality: An essay on the hidden role of religious belief in theories by Roy Clouser

I have been a Christian for more than forty years. Until about three years ago I attended an Anglican church but I now believe that I simply did not understand my own faith. I am indebted to Roy Clouser and his book, which explains, in a way that I could...

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The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku

03 September 2020 | by Reg Naulty

‘A simple act of kindness can function like a miracle.’ | Book cover of The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku

Eddie Jaku was born Abraham Jakubowicz, in Germany in 1920. He is a holocaust survivor, recently turned 100, and a large part of his book describes his experiences in Buchenwald and Auschwitz concentration camps. In 1950 he migrated to Sydney, where he has lived ever since with his wife, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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Telling the Truth About God by Rhiannon Grant

27 August 2020 | by Jonathan Wooding | 1 comment

‘We affirm that something loving, guiding, and worth listening to is active now, here, in our community.’ | Telling the Truth About God book cover

If you think theology is now irrelevant to Quakers, think again. Rhiannon Grant shows us that to ‘theologize’ remains an exciting and, indeed, daring venture, once we acknowledge how it might be misused. Her own efforts to be honest about God fall within a radical tradition. She writes: ‘Any form...

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A Black Theology of Liberation by James Cone

27 August 2020 | by Mark Russ

A Black Theology of Liberation | book cover

Every now and again I encounter a book that gives me such a jolt it demands to be talked about. This book was first published in 1970 but I read it recently and it has stirred me up. James H Cone’s work has been much discussed within the black theological...

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Unique selling point

20 August 2020 | by Jonathan Wooding

'We shan’t last long. Holiness takes her chances.' | Magda Lukas / Unsplash

Fall of dregs-from-the-wine-vat petals: unprogrammed, let’s say, or aleatory blossom. The thought (today’s) is this: unique selling point of religion is (still) holiness. Petals in blood-spill asymmetry make it more arduous for reason to prevail. Stamens sift rich sand in timbre, shock flakes are tumbled pumpkin.

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