You see me; I see you

Roswitha Jarman reflects on The Kirchentag, Berlin, 2017

L to R: Walking under panels of the European Roadmap; audience on cardboard seats at Frank-Walter Steinmeier's talk; and walking to the Brandenburg Gate. | Photo: Roswitha Jarman.

I was amongst over 130,000 participants at the ecumenical interfaith and interpolitical event ‘The Kirchentag’, in Berlin, which was organised by the Protestant Churches of Germany and ran between 24-28 May earlier this year.

The Kirchentag has taken place every two years since 1949, alternating with the German Catholic Congress (Katholikentag). These original purpose of these ‘days of the churches’ was to help Germans rediscover their humane and spiritually-based way of life after the horrors of the Nazi era.

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