Living our faith in the world

'Living our faith in the world' by Miranda (Miri) Green

Young Friends at Embercombe. | Photo: CYP team – Lucy Sam / Oliver Waterhouse.

Saturday: full of suspense and expectation,
Meeting new people, filled with fear and elation.
Sunday: getting to grips with the land,
And realising it’s ok when life doesn’t go as planned.
Monday: learning how to nurture and sew,
Then working in the kitchen to eat what we grow.
Tuesday: chopping wood and being outdoors,
Then trusting ourselves into nature’s great paws.
Wednesday: having pizza and an explore,
Both left us all wishing for more.
Finally Thursday and time to leave,
It’s funny, the friendships, in just a week, we’ve achieved.
It will be nice to get ourselves back home
Although I know I’ll miss the place and people so.

Miranda (Miri) Green

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