Yes to the troops, no to the wars

Larry Ingle, author of First Among Friends: George Fox and the Creation of Quakerism, looks at this history of forty years at Quaker House

Yes to the troops, No to the wars: Quaker House, 40 Years of front-line peace witness by Chris McCallum. Fayetteville, NC: Quaker House. ISBN: 0-945177-51-8. $15.95.  Quakers have an interesting history: mostly middle to upper middle class, they have recently had relatively little contact with the working class world that supplies most of the men – and increasingly, women – for membership in the armed forces. An institution like Quaker House, the counselling centre for soldiers at Fort Bragg, one of the United States’ largest military bases, thus confronted Quakers with a side of life that few of them are familiar with.

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