‘Worship does not require special techniques or great natural ability…’

The Book of Discipline Revision Committee has been looking at chapter introductions. Craig Barnett offers a personal attempt at ‘Worship’

'...but it does demand our self-discipline and self-surrender.’ | Photo: Maxime Valcarce / Unsplash.

Worship is a movement of our whole being towards a spiritual reality that is ultimately mysterious, but that we can know by experience. Quakers name this reality as God, Spirit, Light, or in a range of other ways. In the practice of Quaker worship, we meet together to turn our attention towards the Inward Light. Quakers have traditionally understood the Inward Light as a divine gift of spiritual perception. It enables us to see our true situation, by uncovering our deepest insights and motivations. This Inward Light also reveals the guidance of the Spirit for us as individuals and communities. In Quaker worship, we ‘wait in the Light’. We wait in stillness to see what is revealed to us in the depths of our own awareness.

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