‘Why not celebrate our our beliefs as interpretations of an experience that is beyond description?’

Beyond belief: Alex Thomson answers to the description

'Words are not reality, merely a description of reality, and we all perceive differently as we are all unique.' | Photo: Pascal Habermann / Unsplash.

Someone commented: ‘Thank you for sharing your belief.’ That caught my attention – I thought I was sharing my experience. I began to wonder: are they the same thing? Is belief an interpretation of an experience? What is experience without a belief? Is it a question of perspective? How much of any of it depends on the quality of our senses? (You cannot experience what you cannot sense.) How does my experience change as I grow older? How does that affect my beliefs? Is it dependant on my needs? What are the needs of my inner being, my soul? Do they age with the body? How much have I changed in this life journey? Is there a constant? How much has Quakerism changed since its birth to the present day? Is there a constant? If I answer yes, is that a belief?

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