‘We can feel hopeless but if we can find “absolute hope”, it’s the Kingdom of God’

This year’s Swarthmore Lecture will be broadcast over YouTube. Its author, Tom Shakespeare, speaks to Rebecca Hardy.

Tom Shakespeare gives this year's Swarthmore Lecture | Photo: Alex Knight / Unsplash, with Tom Shakespeare lecturing at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (Vimeo).

Hello Tom. Thanks for meeting this way. The title of the 2020 Swarthmore Lecture is Openings to the Infinite Ocean: A Friendly Offering of Hope. which is based on the George Fox quote. Was this your idea?

Yes, it’s from me. I was asked to talk about hope. Obviously I was very familiar with that George Fox quote. So I felt it fitted and people seemed to like it. I feel very grateful for the opportunity.

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