Travelling hopefully: Barrie Mahoney recounts a profound and personal Quaker journey

‘The best way that I can describe it is that I was searching for the Light, which was clearly not switched on for gay men and women.’

‘Why do I need an intermediary in my relationship with God?’ | Photo: by Robert V Ruggiero on Unsplash

We celebrate our fifty-year anniversary next week! So it was over fifty years ago that I met my partner, lover and best friend, David, when we were both studying at teacher training college. Looking back over the years, I recall difficult times for gay men and women, and conclude that we did well to get through it. We are still together in a loving relationship that remains as strong today as it was over fifty years ago. Back then, relationships between same-sex couples were illegal; we were unable to share our feelings to anyone, knowing full well that any hint of our relationship would mean expulsion from teacher training and making a future in our chosen careers impossible.

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