Time to end our binge-flying culture

Reflect a little before booking that flight says Young Friend Alison Freeman

We are at a unique moment in history. Today we twenty-somethings are the most powerful generation that have ever lived. As scientists piece together the likely ramifications of our energy intensive lifestyles it is becoming more and more clear that we are the generation that have to start making fast, decisive and bold policies to prevent the devastation of runaway global warming. Generations before us did not know their lifestyles would impact climate, and geophysical feedback mechanisms (a more accurate way of saying climate feedback, something that responds – in this case positively – to an initial change by enhancing or increasing the change in the same direction) will mean generations to come will not be able to able to do anything about it either. Today we stand at a crossroads and the government, with their decision on Heathrow’s third runway, appears determined to propel us further down a path of denial.

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