‘The survey focuses on who people are, asking respondents to classify themselves.’

Wandsworth Quakers had mixed feelings about the national diversity survey. Linda Murgatroyd explains what they did next.

'If the survey prompts us to reflect on how we might feel if we were responding in a different way, that would be great...' | Photo: Raw Pixel / Unsplash.

Diversity should be valued, and being an inclusive community is important. Any work to address these issues is very welcome. How genuinely welcoming are we to anyone who feels drawn to the Quaker Way? How able are we to translate our message into different idioms? We may not be aware of who in our Meetings feels marginalised, or what many Friends might have to offer, so we need to ask open questions and listen deeply – with genuine interest – to the responses. Perhaps some of us will need wider training and practice to do this well. This may be challenging, but it will surely also bring new insights, opportunities and gifts for us all.

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