Mental health retreat

Quaker mental health workers gathered together for a retreat at Selly Oak Meeting House

Created during the retreat. | Photo: Courtesy of Alison Mitchell.

Twenty Friends from across the UK gathered at Selly Oak Meeting House in Birmingham last month for a special day for Quaker mental health workers.

Alison Mitchell, mental health development officer at the Retreat York Benevolent Fund, which funded the event, said: ‘Friends came bringing our exhaustion, our stress, our love and our desire to serve. We sat together in worship, we talked, we ate, we connected. Some built a labyrinth, some sat in contemplation, some walked mindfully, some sang, some shared around a bonfire.’

The abiding image of the day on 29 February, she said, was watching one group learning to juggle in the snow. ‘Working in mental health, using your faith and your values to direct your life, living in the world today – we’re all juggling in the snow.’

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