Letters – 8 April 2016

From talking about God to a new office dress code

Talking about God

Diana Lampen writes (25 March): ‘The one thing I feel is not acceptable is discounting someone else’s experience.’ In the light of a recent conference at the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, I assume Diana means both ‘theist’ and ‘nontheist’ experiences if these are sincerely held. Perhaps we can extend this by praying that such sincerely held experiences are life-giving and lead to wholeness and unity as these were expressed in the ‘Thought for the Week’ by David Saunders, the letter from Richard Eddleston, and the two inspiring poems by Elizabeth Angas and Margaret Cook in the same edition of the Friend.

Gerard Guiton

Religions and denominations

In view of the confusion that there seems to be about terminology and definitions, I wonder would the following be useful:

Faith is a belief in something.

Christianity is a religion, within which there are a number of denominations.

The Religious Society of Friends is a denomination of Christianity, not a religion.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Philip Jacob

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