Letters - 26 August 2022

From Giving thanks to Prejudice

Giving thanks

Thank you Derek Guiton (12 August) for your ‘I Am’ poem (especially ‘I am that rusty clapped out bike’), and thank you Michael Saunders (same issue), both for your call for ‘passionate inclusivity’ and for your quotation from John Robinson, author of Honest to God: ‘As for the images of God… I am prepared to be an agnostic with the agnostics, even an atheist with the atheists’.

And thank you, the Friend, for opening your pages to such radical inclusivity, thereby pointing the way to a Society of Friends fit for our times, and for coming generations.

David Boulton

Reading the Friend

Thank you to Pete from Coventry for his reading of the audio version of the Friend (12 August), which comes in the post for those of us with poor sight.

In the article ‘Peeping at Tom part one’, about the gospel of Thomas consisting mostly of the sayings of Jesus, Pete read the words of Jesus with a rough black country accent. There was no need to apologise. It was brilliant. Jesus came from a working-class family in a rather despised group of people. No Oxford accent, no charming appearance, Pete’s reading brought the story of Jesus into reality. We unsighted readers were given a treat.

Judith Wright

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