Letters - 10 July 2020

From a Heartfelt wish to Latecomers and the dog

Heartfelt wish

I am so grateful for the truth telling of Tim Gee in his letter and Bonnie Gibberd in her article in the Friend of 26 June.

Tim Gee’s truths have been presented to us before in so many different ways and by so many different people and then set aside in favour of the preferred narratives.

Bonnie Gibberd’s truths are my truths too. Each barb that has entered her tender and beautiful young skin I have felt in my skin too. Each feeling of trepidation about what might be said, done or thought, or cold shock when it actually happens, is with me every day of my life. It is time this stopped once and for all.

It is my fervent and heartfelt wish that this time Tim and Bonnie are heard and that the journey towards a non-racist society really is underway.

Rosemary Crawley

Generous gift

I just wanted to say thank you to Bonnie Gibberd for writing such an excellent and powerful article (26 June) and to the Friend for publishing it.

I hope Friends appreciate what a generous gift they have been offered by Bonnie by her taking the time and energy to share this knowledge and experience, and that we all reflect deeply on it.

Phil Chandler

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