Eye - 22 May 2020

From The Friend in flight to feathered friends

Left: Peace birds made of The Friend. Photo: Alison Meaton. | Photo: Right: The geese that joined a Friend during worship. Photo: Kristan Hopkins.

The Friend in flight

Pages of the Friend joined the leaves of a tree after a creative Quaker transformed them into birds (see above).

Alison Meaton, of Penzance Meeting, shared a photo on Twitter, saying: ‘I’ve made #Peace birds to hang in tree in my front garden. I knew stashed copies [of the Friend] would be useful one day. Neighbour is a Gulf war vet and I respect his Union Jack flags commemorating those who died in war but don’t like jingoistic VE celebrations.’

She later told Eye that the pages she used to craft her feathered chums all featured articles about the Peace Testimony.

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