‘Corporate Citizenship: The role of companies as citizens of the modern world’ by David Logan

Review by Daniel Clarke Flynn

Close-up of the book cover. | Photo: Courtesy of Panoma Press.

This is a robust personal memoir that was born from a lecture that its Quaker author, David Logan, gave to young people joining Corporate Citizenship, a global consultancy that helps businesses find their place in society. Several of the young people said, ‘You should write a book,’ so he did. This work is an answer to the great question of his young life a generation earlier: ‘What is the future of capitalism?’ - back when he and his friends thought that socialism was the future. He came to believe that, for very practical reasons, capitalism is here to stay, that it ‘can be far more inclusive and beneficial than the Marxists ever thought, but that it probably cannot pay the environmental cost of its success.’ Consequently, he has dedicated his life to work on how for-profit companies can be made more responsible and sustainable.

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