Communication is the key

Rhiannon Grant finds Friends looking inwards and out

Special Interest Groups: Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations (QCCIR) and The Kindlers.  These special interest groups focused – as did some of the main sessions – on issues around communication. In the first, David Cornick, of Churches Together in England, talked about the state of ecumenical and interfaith dialogue today, and the role that Quakers might play in that. For me, his most important point was that all churches and faith groups need to communicate across boundaries: between church-goers and ‘unchurched’ or ‘dechurched people’ (those who have no or little experience of attending worship services), between people of different ethnic origin, and between people of different social classes. This last was a particular focus for discussion, and some good points were made about the ways in which middle-class bias can be unintentionally built into, for example, the language that we use.

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